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Iranian Short Stories
Iranian Short Stories

Georgia Unveils Collection of Iranian Short Stories

Ebrahim Hassan Beigi’s book White Spotted Horse, the first collection of Iranian short stories, was translated and unveiled in Georgia.

The unveiling ceremony for the book White Spotted Horse by Ebrahim Hassan Beigi was held in the hall of Georgia’s National Library in Tbilisi on Tuesday evening attended by several Georgian university professors.

The book consists of six of Beigi’s stories which had been previously published by Teka Publishing Company in Iran.

The Free University of Tbilisi, Georgia’s largest private university, has recently translated and published the book in 2000 copies.

Georgia is among the countries which enjoy a good familiarity with Iranian classical literature and works of poets like Ferdowsi, Khayyam, Sa’adi and Hafiz have been published in the country for multiple times.

Veis-O-Ramin by Fakhr-O-Din Asaad Gorgani belongs to the 12th century which was translated and published into Georgian only 60 years after production.

The White Spotted Horse marks the first book of contemporary Iranian literature published in Georgia while priviously, only a selection of contemporary Iranian poets had been released in the country.

Currently, Georgian universities offer seats in the Persian Language major at BA, MA as well as PhD levels and the first department of the Persian Language was opened two years before the establishment of the University of Tehran in 1934.