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Georgia to Campaign NAME Film for OSCAR and Golden Globe Awards

Georgia will launch campaigns for OSCAR and Golden Globe Awards. As reported, Georgian film NAME directed by Zaza Khalvashi will be nominated in the category of the best foreign-language film for Oscar and Golden Globe awards.

The film was selected by a special commission. In several days Georgian representatives will introduce the film to foreign colleagues.

The official demonstration will be held in Los Angeles on November 7. 

In addition, two demonstrations will be organized by European Film Promotion on November 11 and November 15. Members of the US Film Academy, international buyers, and reporters of famous foreign editions will attend the film demonstration. 

The film director Zaza Khalvashi and the featured actor Marika Diasamidze will leave for Los Angeles. After the film demonstration, spectators will be able to have a conversation with them. 

NAME was directed with the support of National Movie Film Centre and the world premiere was held at Tokyo A-class international movie festival. The film describes the being of one of the Georgian highland villages in south-west part of the country and the family of an aged father, his daughter NAME and three sons, of which one is teacher, second is Mullah and the third one is priest. In the village Muslim and Orthodox residents live side by side. There is Orthodox Church at the entrance of the village and Mosque at exit of the village. The list of nominees for Golden Globe award will be publicized in December 2018 and for OSCAR award – in January 2019.