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Georgia Surpasses All Neighbors in Social Progress Index

This is the best indicator as compared to neighboring countries with 69.17 score that is  an above the average level.

“According to the 2016 Social Progress Index, Azerbaijan ranks 77th, Armenia is 67th, Russia is 75th, Turkey is 57th, Ukraine ranks 63rd and Moldova is 72nd.

According to various criteria of the Social Progress Index, Georgia has different positions. Namely, Georgia ranks 49th in terms of human needs, 61st in terms of welfare and 64th in terms of opportunities.

According to the report,  Georgia has got the highest indicator is terms of accessibility to base education with 98.29 points. As to attainability of water and sanitary conditions, the country earned 90 points, food and base healtchare – 95 points.

According to experts, Georgia has showed lowest indicators in terms of tolerance, inclusion, religion, sexual minority freedom. Georgia earned 45 points in terms of higher education attainability and 57 points in terms of personal freedom and freedom of choice.

As to other countries, the top ten list is as follows: Finland, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Great Britain and Iceland.

The Social Progress Index determines living level in the country due to various criteria, including general education, good and healtchare, personal safety, personal rights and freedom, tolerance, religion freedom, sexual  minority and so on.