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Georgia Ranks 71th Among World’s Healthiest Nations

Bloomberg specialists have compiled the ranking of the healthiest nations in the world.

The information for the ranking was taken from the United Nations, World Bank and World Health Organizations.

They primarily took into account such factors as life length, causes of death, share of smokers, the number of people with increased cholesterol level, obesity, etc.

They viewed all countries at all continents except for the states where population is below a million of people. Thus, the ranking covered 145 countries.

Singapore leads the ranking. Swaziland has the worst indicators. Azerbaijan is 87th.
Georgia is 71st, Armenia is 79th, Tajikistan is 84th, Uzbekistan is 85th, Belarus is 91st, Russia is 97th, Ukraine is 99th, Kyrgyzstan is 101st and Turkmenistan is 104th.

The top ten countries are Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Israel, Spain, Holland, Sweden and Germany.

The ranking is based on the information of the past five years.

What does ‘healthy’ mean?

The World Economic Forum has questioned the terms of the study, arguing that a ranking that defines health by “quality of life” rather than “life expectancy” could include lower-income countries, which report higher levels of life satisfaction. Despite being ranked in the bottom five by Bloomberg, for example, Chad was earlier this year revealed to have the world’s healthiest diet.

Nevertheless, the World Economic Forum said the data was a “useful guide for policy makers, who might look at the practices of higher-scoring countries to improve their own countries’ health scores”.

According to The Independent, the study also revealed that a rise in the consumption of healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables is being offset by a “concerning” increase in the amount of junk food being eaten.