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Another Review of Georgia as Wine and Food Destination

Another positive review of Georgia as the emerging destination for wine and food appeared. This time Susan Shain, a travel blogger at Mashable.com, writes her impressions of visiting the former Soviet Republic. The author writes how Georgia’s expectations being a primary wine destination were justified for her from the get-go:

When you arrive at the airport in Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia, the passport control agent hands you a bottle of wine to welcome you.

I’ve traveled to many countries, and have never once received a gift upon arrival — especially none so delicious or storied as Georgian wine.

I took it as a sign I would enjoy traveling to Georgia and I was right, the author writes about her trip to Georgia.

Susan Shain’s photo

In her article, Shain gives special focus to qvevri wine-making method, which in her words puts Georgia in the forefront of the so-called “Natural Wines” movement that has recently emerged  globally.

With her citations of Schuchmann Wines co-workers, restaurant Culinarium‘s chief, Dive Bar‘s owner, one gets the impression that Susan’s travel experience to Georgia was thorough and rich, making her a reliable source to view the country from the tourist’s perspective. We, at CBW, are just happy to see another foreign visitor give Georgia such a positive review! You can read Shain’s full article here.

Susan Shain's photo
Susan Shain’s photo