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Georgia Joins the EEA Real Estate Forum & Project Awards

The Ukranian Real Estate Club (URE Club) and Europaproperty.com are hosting The Eastern European Asia Real Estate Forum & Project Awards (EEA Awards).  The event will involve over 250 local, regional and international guests.

The event gathers leading developers and investors from Eastern European and Central Asia countries. The countries include Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Moldova.

On November 24 2016, Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev, will be hosting the upcoming Annual EEA Real Estate Forum and Project Awards Gala. All the participating countries concluded the agreement due to Ukraine’s convenient geographical location.

The topic of discussion will be the various investment opportunities available in the participating member countries. Moreover, the jury will review the provided real estate programs and reward the most outstanding project at the gala.

“The countries of Eastern Europe and Asia are in the position when they have no choice but compete for investors,” says Vitaly Boyko, NAI Ukraine. 

There are particular reasons behind investor interests in the markets of the participating countries. The total weight of the commercial properties in Eastern Europe and Central Asia amount to 10 percent. This is in comparison to the 5.6 percent in Central Europe and 4 percent yield in Western Europe. Moreover, in countries such as Ukraine, there are numerous abandoned projects. This is due to the lack of funds. However, this offers investors valuable opportunities to fund and finalize the projects. Especially that, unlike in Western and Central Europe, incomplete projects can be legally sold and bought. This saves investors the time and money.

Furthermore, the market instability suffered by the participating countries provided their market with valuable experience and knowledge. To investors, this serves as a reason to trust the efficiency and effectiveness of local companies.

Irakli Kilauridze is the Georgian speaker and jury member of the EEA Real Estate Forum and Project Awards. He is a senior real estate executive and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in real estate operations.

Tickets to attend the EEA Forum and Awards Gala is available at http://www.eeaawards.com/

By: Maria Bakh