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Georgia Initiates “Step toward a Better Future” Program

The Georgia authorities are taking concrete steps under the reconciliation and engagement policy, which seek to improve the humanitarian, social, and economic conditions of the populations in the Regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali, and to encourage contacts, movement, and relations based on mutual interests along and across the administrative boundary lines.

It is yet another open statement on our part to reaffirm that the peacemaking political trajectory pursued by our Government will surely continue which, despite many challenges, remains our unwavering, consistent, and continuous trajectory. In taking this step, we are countering the challenges, and this step is designed to build confidence and step up the process of reconciliation.

The package of legislative amendments on peacemaking, the development of which involved the Government and the parliamentary majority, incorporates three key directions:

1) Enhancing and simplifying trade along the boundary lines through creating new opportunities;

Under the initiative, it will be possible to support and encourage individual and joint business initiatives across the administrative boundary lines.

2) Creating additional opportunities for quality education and simplifying access at every level of education both at home and abroad;

Youths, their education and welfare on either side of the boundary lines, are important to us. They are the generation that will live together in a unified Georgia and participate in the country’s building.

3) Creation of a mechanism simplifying access to the benefits and goods available to our country resulting from the country’s development, including European integration, visa waiver, free trade rights, and others.