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Georgia has one of the highest birth rates in Europe (Infographics)

Georgia has one of the highest birth rates in Europe (Infographics)

As noted in the information of the Georgian office of the aforementioned fund, researches by international and local experts under the guidance of a well-known demographer, Dr. Ralph Hakkarta, were held in the second half of 2014.

“According to the study, the current fertility rate of 2.0 is one of the highest in Europe. By the right policies, government support and investments, improving access to family planning services give a clear result of reducing the incidence of abortions and improving women’s health, at the same time having no effect on fertility, “- reads a distributed press release.

The study entitled “Situation Analysis of the population” (PSA) was led by the office in Georgia United Nations Population Fund, contributed by cooperation with the administration of the government.

The Georgian government considers it an important part of the demographic policy of the development cycle of the country, and the struggle with demographic challenges are the top priority to the country. By leveraging conduct evidence-based policy, the main recommendations and the opening of PSA will be important basis for developing the demographic strategy in Georgia”, – stated in the analysis.

The study’s authors hope that the census in 2014 will contain detailed information about the dynamics of the population of Georgia, and the study of PSA will be a document that will regularly update.