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Georgia Has Huge Potential for Developing Gastronomic Tourism

Georgian traditional cuisine is one of the richest and diverse cuisines worldwide. For many years Georgia has not only maintained its dishes, but also introduced the on foreign markets. As a result, Georgia was mentioned in the top list the most delicious European cuisines developed by the US edition the Thrillist.

In the rating Georgia ranked fourth after Italy, France and Spain among 48 European countries and  surpassed gastronomic achievements of such countries as Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary and Greece. The edition named Khachapuri as a key forward of Georgian national cuisine.

Which dishes have potential to emphasize Georgia’s peculiarity worldwide?

“Georgia has huge potential for developing gastronomic tourism. Our traditional dishes are very popular in post-Soviet space, but it is very important that the interest in our gastronomy grows day to day in Europe and USA, Inga Tsulaia, chef for Ambassador Tbilisi hotel said. 

Explosive articles by foreign media about Georgian food such as the Washington Post, New York Times and so on prove this consideration.

At restaurants of our hotel tourists are mostly interested in Ghomi, seasonal Pkhali, especially Mchadi and natural Georgian cheese. Ambassador Hotel permanently takes efforts to attract foreign tourists through various combination of Georgian traditional products. Consequently, we have replenished our menu by such innovative products as fried curds with mint, which has become a brand product for our restaurants.

We can use peculiarity of Curds to develop Georgia’s brand product jointly with other traditional supplements. The hotel expresses very well how important element gastronomy is for tourism sector. Foreign guests visit our restaurants thanks to recommendations by other visitors and this signifies Georgian food in this field occupies leading positions», Tsulaia noted.