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Georgia is Fighting to Become European – Nina Sublatti

“Today I am proud. I can feel Georgia’s heartbeat and the entire country’s support. We definitely deserve this support, because today Georgians are fighting to become free. They are fighting to become European. For me, this [competition] is akin to building a bridge between Georgia and Europe. I am very proud today and so are my compatriots,” Nina Sublatti  stated at a press conference held after Eurovision’s semifinal, in which the ten finalist contestants participated.

To Georgian Public Broadcast’s question whether or not Georgia was also a warrior, Nina said:

“I am often asked why the song’s title is Warrior. It might seem weird  that a 20-year old young woman looks at the world in this perspective and aspires to be a warrior, a feminist. However, Georgia does have reasons to fight…”

“Our country is very small and many try to destruct it. It is difficult to put into words what it means for Georgia to be a warrior since we as a nation have been fighting for centuries. This is a simple matter – this is history, for us,” Nina said.

Georgian contestant Nina Sublatti performed Warrior at Eurovision’s semi-final under number sixteen. Winners of the semifinalists were determined by a combination of the jurors’ votes and European public’s votes.

The second semi-final will be held today, on May 21, and the finalists of the Eurovision 2015 will be identified.

According to the Eurovision’s regulations, the host country along with the “Big Five” (Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain and Italy) automatically transfer to the contest’s final. The final will be held on May 23, at which the winner of Eurovision 2015 will be revealed.

Nino Gojiashvili