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Georgia Celebrates Mother’s Day

Today Georgia is celebrating a special day honoring mothers and pregnant women – Mother’s Day.

Celebration of Mother’s Day in Georgia was established at the suggestion of the first President Zviad Gamsakhurdia, and in 1991 the decision of celebrating this bright holiday for all was legitimized by the Supreme Council of Georgia.

The purpose of a Mother’s Day is high and the good – to maintain the tradition of respect for the woman to consolidate the foundations of the family, to emphasize the value of the most important person in our life – of Mother.

Mother’s Day in Georgia – it’s a family holiday. Especially children should know who their mother and what did she do for them, and what respect she deserves. There is no anything more beautiful and selfless than maternal love. As the sun sends its rays, warming all life on earth, and mother’s love always warms a child.

Today, as every year on the 3rd of March, various festal events dedicated to the Mother’s Day are held.