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Georgia-Armenia Border Bridge Designing-Building Works Underway

Friendship Bridge will be constructed between the state borderlines of Georgia and Armenia. The designing works are underway. The building company has been already selected and at this stage, a supervisory company selection procedures are underway.

The new bridge will be constructed on the territory of Sadakhlo-Bagratasheni checkpoint, at the river Debeda. The construction works are being financed by EBRD, with the support of Governments of Armenia and Georgia. EBRD has allocated 6 million EUR to Georgia for the project implementation.

“Construction works will be fulfilled by Road Department of Georgia. This is a unique project for building a joint bridge in the Region. One part of the bridge will be located in Georgia and another part – in Armenia. The parties have also evenly shared financial expenses – 50% of the credit will be paid by Armenia and another 50% – by Georgia.

Irakli Karseladze, head of Road Department and First Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, has met with Andre Maximovich, the EBRD’s project director and discussed details and deadlines for constructing Sadakhlo-Bagratasheni bridge.

The new bridge will connect transport traffic from Georgia to Armenia and from Armenia to Georgia with East-West and North-South transit corridors”, Road Department representatives noted.