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GEM Fest will No Longer be Held This Year Scheduled for August

GemFest2018 scheduled for August 9-12 will not be held in Anaklia.

As Giorgi Sigua said at BM, the festival will be held in a new format next year.

According to him, the main reason for postponing the festival has been rejected by the state on rent in Anaklia.

‘Today is July 10 and unfortunately we will not wait more. The festival needs time and serious preparation.

We will remind you that we have not yet received a reply on lease of land. We sent a request twice, for the first time in March we received a refusal, absolutely no reason and without explaining it. The second time – just silence.

I don’t think it is fair to a festival that market Anaklia and Georgia on tourism and festival map.

We discussed other options, to hold it on a different site, without beach but agreed not to bring quality down.

We will continue to fight and the project named GemFest, not only live but will be born again.

In June we received a proposal from the international, global blocking project to support our GEM family and fund 4 grandiose events in January, May, August and October, which will be held both in Georgia and abroad.

This blockchain project will become our reliable partner and future development guarantee. Such a cooperative will enable us to bring the GemFest to another level and turn it into the first cryptographic festival.

We promise that in 2019 we will exploit noise and we will start a new year in January, “- Giorgi Sigua addresses the Festival fans.