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GEF to Finance Environmental Protection Projects

GEF granted 400 000 USD for the environment protection projects.  The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources and UNDP started a small grant program which will be implemented with the finances from GEF. The presentation of the program took place in “Tbilisi Mariot”. 

 There has been 400 000 USD granted to finance landscape project. The target landscape places in Georgia are big and small Caucasus high mountains, black Sea coast and half deserts regions. 

Local projects will be financed in the fields such as landscape conservation, climate change, accessibility to low carbon energy resources and dangerous chemicals management. The program will last until the end of 2018. Global Environmental Protection Projects are implemented in Georgia since 2012. The costs of all the grants amounts to 750 000 USD, whereas non-governmental organizations co-financing equals to 938 000 USD.