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Friends from Doha Recommend Explorers to Visit Georgia

Friends from Doha Recommend Explorers to Visit Georgia

The group of friends from Doha visited Georgia for the first time. Although their emotions and impressions are transferred to the photos, they could not stop expressing their impressions publicly and experience they had in this wonderful country. Thus, they strongly recommend for other explorers to visit this Eastern European Country – Georgia and to discover its beauty and various nature.

The friends evaluate their trip as a priceless experience and describing Georgia as an owner of great food, lovely places, and nice people.

Below CBW provides the article written by the members of that group along with representing the amazing way of taken photos of Georgia.


“One of the best reasons to travel is to explore other things while collecting great memories. Traveling is not just about being a tourists, but also discovering a whole new perceptions and building foundation. Appreciating a different culture is such an exciting point. The whole experience was amazing! No regrets.”


Welcome to Georgia!

Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia, a blend of past + present can be found in this beautiful hub. We had no clue what will happen, no itinerary was made- just an instant plan for a day.





“I admit, seeing a snow in real was my first time! “Finally!” hahaha. We were like kids running around where locals are staring on us and kinda in the stage of “what the heck?!” 😄😅😜. Anyways, looking for a ski resorts? This place is to be! Located somewhere in the southern slopes of the #Caucasus mountain range, which by the way leads the route to Russia.”





Ananuri Castle

“The first thing came out in my mind when I saw this magnificent castle was- “oh look! There’s a game of thrones!” lol. This place has a breathtaking views of the reservoir, it might be small but it has a story to tell and served a scene of enormous battles.”


Literally means “the living pillars”. Known as the burial site of Christ’s mantle, has long been the principal Georgian church and remains one of the most venerated places of worship to this day.


“The wine region of Georgia. In particular, we visited a small town named- Signagi (city of love) and Bodbe Monastery. We checked a small private winery and had a wine-tasting too! No words can describe the beauty of this city! I would definitely come back if given a chance.”

This was the route they took -> doha – dubai – tbilisi – gudauri – kazbegi – mtskheta – bodbe – signagi – tbilisi – dubai – doha.