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Fresco Exploitation of Labour to Be Inspected

The Ministry of Labour, Health Care and Social Maintenance will inspect working conditions in the supermarket network Fresco. Fresco Employee spread information in social network about very bad working conditions in Fresco and “contemporary slavery”. The author wrote about exact examples of work exploitation and huge pressure on employees in Fresco Supermarket Network.

The head of Labour Department, Levan Jorjoliani declared that supervising group will check one of the Fresco Supermarkets and look through the labour agreements. The representatives of the Ministry will meet Fresco employees as well as managers. If the facts of labour exploitation are proved, the case will be sent to Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

“The information has to be checked. It was mentioned that an employee was blackmailed by firing from the job or sending a bad resume to another employment office. At this stage, everything will be inspected and if we find the signs of exploitation of labour, the case will be transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs”-declared Jorjoliani.