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Flood Hits Tbilisi

People are advised not to leave homes as animals escaped from the flooded Tbilisi Zoo after heavy rain hit the Georgian capital overnight.


Heavy rainfall, which started before midnight, turned normally small stream, Vere, which runs in the Tbilisi center across Vake and Saburtalo districts, into a raging river.


A huge stream of Vere flooded significant portion of a 4-km highway, linking Vake-Saburtalo road to Hero’s Square; it swept cars and at least one small house, flooding others on its way;



With the information of Mzia Sharashidze who talked with Ipress, bears, tigers, lions, jaguar and penguin cages are absolutely flooded and animals are out.


7 people are missing and 8 is dead, for this moment.

A part of central Tbilisi was flooded and rescue officers were trying to take people out of the troubled area with boats at the moment.


Elizbarashvili Dog Shelter is absolutely demolished, and only three dogs are alive.


Central roads were also flooded. Rescue officers managed to take several people out of ground and first floors of flooded buildings, but some were still asking for help inside of buildings.


Meanwhile those living in the flooded area were asked to turn electricity off so that rescuers could be safe while working.

A hippopotamus escaped its enclosure after flooding in Tbilisi, Georgia.


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The swollen waterway flooded a large portion of major highway in Tbilisi, sweeping away cars and at least one structure, according to the news agency. Flooding has also extended to parts of the Mtkvari river.

Images on Tbilisi City Hall’s Facebook page showed roads washed away, collapsed hillsides and multiple vehicles tossed like toys. Rescue workers carried people on their shoulders through water that was up to the waist.


The country’s Secretary of State Security and the Crisis Management council, Mindia Janelidze, warned residents not to use their cars Sunday, as many main roads will remain closed.




The Interior Ministry said soldiers had been mobilised and they would join rescue officers if needed.

Citizens who could not call 112 emergency number as it was busy, were asked to call 1505 or 2722222, which were the Health Ministry and Tbilisi City Hall hotlines respectively.