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First International Architecture Showroom to be Held in Tbilisi this Fall

“The first international architecture showroom The Architectural Forum of Caucasus 2015 is going to be held in Tbilisi in late October,” the founder of the forum Giorgi Maisuradze told CBW.

Architectural Forum was founded in 2012 by George Maisuradze and Co-founders, Elene Machaidze, Mariam Gvazava, Beka Kakabadze and Anna Gulisashvili. The main goal of the forum is organizing architectural events that will unite young and creative Georgian architects, as well as the companies, in order to help develop the field in Georgia. They had held almost 10 architecture lectures at the Presidential Library and recently the first architectural workshop called “Innovation in Architecture” at ExpoGeorgia with the sponsorship of Government and the private sector.


“We were expecting only 15-20 participants, but we were pleasantly surprised when we got 300 applicants. It was a really great signal for us to continue our route,” Maisuradze stated.

In the upcoming event they hope to unite all Georgian as well as greater Caucasus architectural companies and all the motivated students to join together to do another great job — to present their products and designs. One of their future goals is to establish architectural forum showroom in Asia and Europe.

“This year we are concentrating on Baku, Tbilisi and Yerevan. We want Azeri and Armenian companies to present their products and projects. We also have  great support from the media, especially the Architectural  Journal.”


“I see this even as another great success for our organization as it is the first event not only in Georgia but also in Armenia and Azerbaijan,” Maisuradze added.

The event will include approximately 50-60 companies among which 40 companies are going to be Georgian. There will also be a lecture held by architects for participants and attendants.

Giorgi Khmaladze, ART STUDIO, ORBI,  AXIS   are just several known people and companies  to attend and participate on behalf of the Georgian companies, designers  and development sector and real states. Also, on-going negotiations are held with LISI LAKE complex, DIRSI and individual DESIGNERS such as IA KUTATILADZE

NEW LIGHT who is another sponsor will hopefully have a hand in the internal design and lightening of the event.  “We are really proud of being the first ones to help the Georgian people to develop this field. Our main slogan is building a new vision” Giorgi said.

“Another part of our activity is to prepare a list of students and young architects who are seeking jobs and have their portfolios to offer to companies. This way, each company can find suitable matches for their vacancies. The list already contains 300 qualifiers and hopefully in one or two months we will start this activity to help both groups. We just developed our marketing section whose supervisor is Zaza Navrozashvili to extend our capacity and productivity.”


“One of the most interesting parts is that we are planning a surprise exclusively for this event. All I can say is that you will be able to meet one of the most famous architects who have done astonishing projects in Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and Europe. Previously we invited Michel Polin who is placed as the number one speaker at Ted Talk. We believe our new guest will amaze everyone, even the ones with no interest in this field.”

To attend the event or participate you can find the registration form in two weeks on their website: www.architecturalforum.net