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Fire of Anatolia – Performed in Tbilisi

Organized by ”SA Organization”, the legendary dancers group Fire of Anatolia started touring in Batumi, where the first concert was held on December 13 at Batumi Art Center. The legendary dancers performed in Tbilisi.

”Fire of Anatolia” is one of the best dance group, that has astonished its audience at the world’s best stages like Madison Square Garden (New York), Chicago Theater (Chicago), Palais des Congrès and Bercy Arena (Paris) Forest National (Brussels) Etc.

The dance of this group fascinates everyone. They have found the source of the enormous energy and will share it to our audience. Fire of Anatolia show was released on one of the famous and prestigious German television channels, where Britney Spears was invited to be one of the guests: “It’s a great show. Even if you try to stay on your seat, you can’t help to stand up and applause. It’s heavenly. ” The comment of the local presenter of the program was the following: “You are ten times better than the Broadway River Dance.”

The tour is organized by the Turkish Embassy in Georgia and is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Georgia and Turkey. Ensemble represents the show: “Fire of Anatolia” – Turkish fold dance, “Troy” – the immortal poem of Homer, and the “East Gate” – the history of Erzurum depicted in dance. Show will include: solo performances, mass dramatic scenes, “revived” scenery, old legends declamation,etc.

Get acquainted with the history, watch the professional theatrical performance, and enjoy the dance that people of different nationalities create. The only thing you dream of during the show is that it never ends.

The “Fire of Anatolia” was established in 1999, they were called “Dancing Sultanates”, and 90 Dancers were selected out of 750 applicants. The dancers’ diligence (8-16 hours a day) was successful, as it is now known throughout the world. They offer not only folklore but also ballet and modern dances. The head of the ensemble is Mustafa Erdogan.