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Fall Planting Underway as part of Borjomi Woodland Restoration Project

On the territory of Plateau, Borjomi Hero award transmission ceremony was held. As part of Borjomi Woodland Restoration Project, nominees of Borjomi Hero award were named – people who have fought the fire in Borjomi Gorge in 2017.

Nitsa Cholokashvili, PR manager for IDS Borjomi Georgia company noted that the Borjomi Hero award is to encourage persons, who serve the public interests: “Borjomi company has initiated Borjomi Hero annual award. This year we have transmitted this award to persons, journalists, volunteers, colleagues and services, who have  fulfilled their office without a break during the disastrous conflagration in Borjomi Gorge in 2017”.

The Borjomi Hero award was also conferred to ranger Ivane Kupradze, died on September 5, 2018 when fighting the fire in Borjomi Gorge. Besides the award, Borjomi company transmitted 5000 GEL assistance to the ranger’s family.

Natia Muladze, the spouse of ranger Ivane Kupradze stressed the contribution that her husband has made to protecting  the nature in Borjomi Gorge and thanked Borjomi company for remembrance of her died spouse: “My husband has served environment protection, protection of nature, maintaining each tree and this is genuinely much honour for me that his contribution is appreciated so much and his memory is honoured. I want to express deep gratitude to Borjomi company”.

Borjomi Hero award was transmitted to:

Services: Interior Ministry, 112, Emergency Management Agency, Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, National Forestry Agency, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Prime Minister’s Office, Samtskhe-Javakheti Region’s Administration and Borjomi Municipality Board.

Volunteers: David Abramashvili and Tengiz Kikacheishvili – employees of IDS Borjomi Georgia company. Photographer: Giorgi Kakulia

News services of TV companies and their teams: Rustavi 2, Imedi, Georgian Public Broadcaster, Maestro, TV Pirveli, Iberia, Akhaltsikhe Channel 9 and Borjomi TV company.

“We had gravest situation and we have not spared ourselves to transmit genuine and unbiased information to our audience  about Borjomi developments”, GPB report Salome Kokiashvili said.

All persons fighting the fire in Borjomi Gorge unanimously noted that in that moment they were fulfilling their professional duty and they did not care for their lives and safety.

The youngest Hero was Temo Gelashvili, who had fought the fire with bear hands without shovel.

Prior to the award ceremony, 1850 pine seedlings were planted on the Plateau territory/.

Borjomi Woodland Restoration Project is being carried out as part of corporate  social responsibility project of Borjomi company since 2015. As a result, the company has managed to restore woodland on 3 hectares and planted 7 500 seedlings.