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Pablo Ferrari

Exhibition by Argentine Photographer Brings Georgia Closer to Latin America

An exhibition featuring photos of the Georgian capital by an Argentine photographer opened on Tuesday in a bid to draw Latin America closer to the Caucasian country laht reported.

The newest exhibit in Tbilisi showcases the work by Pablo Ferrari, who attempted to capture the essence of this picturesque nation lodged in the Caucasus region of Eurasia at the shores of the Black Sea.

“The photos reflect the contact between a person from a country that is barely 200 years old with another with a history of thousands of years,” Ferrari, who is of Italian descent, told EFE.

Ferrari avoided any mention of the political controversy enveloping the country, choosing instead to praise its cultural, artistic and linguistic treasures.

“The Persians, Romans, Mongols and Russians, among others, have passed through here. It is a country of transit, but it preserves its culture. Its alphabet is among the oldest in the world,” he explained.

Most of the photos show Tbilisi’s famed Old Town, “with its wooden houses, Moorish style, Eastern ornamentation and vineyards,” Ferrari said.

“My photography style coincides with the rustic style of the old neighborhood of Tbilisi. We have called them ‘Labyrinth’ because, when you see the photos, it looks like a maze,” he added.

Ferrari said the name was also a tribute to a recurring theme in the works of his countryman, the late author Jorge Luis Borges.

The exhibit, which is set to stay at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia until Apr. 13, includes photos of other Georgian cities, in addition to Buenos Aires, Paris and Istanbul.

Ferrari, 41, traveled to Tbilisi for love and has been living in the Georgian capital with local artist Liza Varazi, who belongs to a well-known family of artists, for almost two years.

Georgia has proved lucky for the Argentinian photographer, who managed to hold his first exhibition shortly after arriving in the country.

Ferrari is preparing a book of artistic photos that he hopes to publish in Spanish-speaking countries, where he believes it will generate a lot of interest, as there is no place like Georgia in Latin America.