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Evenings Spent with Pat Metheny within Tbilisi Jazz Festival

Tbilisi 22nd Jazz Festival was a huge surprise for jazz fans. The festival’s headliner was Pat Metheny, 20 Grammy Award-winning musician.

The Pat Metheny Group is an American jazz fusion group founded in 1977 in Missouri. The core members of the group are guitarist, composer and bandleader Pat Metheny; and keyboardist and composer Lyle Mays, who was in the group at its inception. Other long-standing members include bassist and producer Steve Rodby, who joined in 1981, and Antonio Sanchez, who was the group’s drummer since 2002. In addition to a core quartet, the group has often been joined by a variety of other instrumentalists expanding the size to six or eight musicians.

Despite the common description of Metheny’s music as “fusion,” it was always his intention to create improvised music that had a greater emphasis on bringing out harmony than anything common to what was called “fusion” of the time. Those known melodies brought out nostalgic feelings among the audience.

The legendary guitarist performed two days in a row- with Pat Metheny Group at Event Hall and with Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra conducted by Vakhtang Kakhidze at Tbilisi Concert Hall.

Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra is a leading music ensemble in Georgia, which successfully performs in
regions as well as abroad.

Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra has been founded in 1993 by famous Georgian conductor Djansug Kakhidze. Since 2002 the artistic director and chief conductor of Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra is his son – well-known composer, conductor and pianist Vakhtang Kakhidze.

The festival was opened by Tbilisi Big Band’s extraordinary concert with Conservatoire’s students at Tbilisi State Conservatoire, which turned out a pleasing tandem of a new and old generation.

The band was founded by a well-known Georgian theatrical administrator and musical organizer, the great servant of arts and the strongman of the Georgian jazz world – popular, handsome, broadly smiling and ever friendly Gaioz Kandelaki. The Kandelaki Jazz Orchestra, musically headed by Georgia’s famous composer and conductor Givi Gachechiladze and soloed by the wonderful Maia Baratashvili. 
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By Nina Gomarteli

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