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EU Assists Georgia with Disaster Preparedness Programme

The European Union’s Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) recently held a two-day workshop in Georgia to discuss lessons learned following the implementation of the Disaster Preparedness programme across the Southern Caucasus over the past 12 months.

Since June 2016, six partner organisations of ECHO’s Disaster Preparedness programme have been implementing projects aimed at enhancing the population’s resilience and reducing the need for humanitarian assistance in the event of a natural disaster.

In addition to community-based projects, the work also focused on the integration of disaster risk reduction principles into education curricula. There was also an exchange of knowledge and best global and regional practices in disaster risk reduction at local and regional levels, including urban risks, said the EU Delegation in a press release.

During the workshop, participants presented methods and approaches which illustrated the impact of their projects, and explained to what extent these activities can be replicated.