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ETC International Theater Conference – From Mythology to Technology

The ETC (European Theater Convention), the European Union’s most powerful state theaters, begins a four year cooperation program with the capital of Georgia.

Within the framework of cooperation Tbilisi will host international conference on October 26-29, entitled “From Mythology to Technology,” which will be attended by over 50 participants from more than 12 countries.

The International Theater Conference “From Mythology to Technology”, hosted by Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theater, will be held on October 26-29 at the Writers’ House. More than 50 participants from over 12 countries will attend the three-day event. The events will include: international speakers, panel discussions, participants workshops, and 8 performances of Marjanishvili Theater.

On October 27, at 10:15 am, the Georgian dramatist, writer and publicist Lasha Bugadze will open the conference and will talk about the development of modern Georgian theater.

The conference is organized by the European Theater Convention (ETC), which is the largest association of European State theaters and unites more than 40 theaters in over 20 countries.

Conference “From Mythology to Technology”

In Tbilisi, the ETC conference will create a phenomenon with the digital technology of theater in the context of the 2000 year tradition of the European Theater. The discussion will be focused on the digital capabilities available for the creation of a theatrical performance, such as live broadcasting. They also review the critical and ethical challenges of technological development.

The conference is part of the EU-funded project “European Theater Laboratory: Theater meets digital technology”. During 2 years, the ETL project will examine the new ways of creating a new theater, bringing the theater’s visibility and directive in digital format, to the public and to encourage audience development initiatives through Opera Vision and Opera Europa.

Among the conference speakers are: Georgian author / playwright Lasha Bugadze (Marjanishvili Theater), Ekaterine Mazmishvili (Manager, Marjanishvili Theater Director), Oscar Vision, Chris Brocker (sound producer and creative producer Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria) And Alexander Kerlin (playwright and author, Dortmund Theater, Germany).

follow the link for further information:Conference Agenda