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Erlend Loe and Michel Houellebecq to Visit Georgia

Joint project of the country’s three well-known guests at the Frankfurt Book Fair – Erlend Loe and Michel Houellebecq will visit Georgia.

With the initiative of the Georgian Book National Center, Georgia will host the honorary guest countries of France and Norway – 2017 and 2019. The project will be jointly implemented in partnership with National Library, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing  and supported by Ministry of Culture and Sport of Georgia and NORLA Norwegian Literature.

In the framework of the initiative of the Center, meeting with an honorable guest of the Frankfurt Book Fair will be held in May and June in Georgia. Norwegian writer Erlend Loe (May) and French Michel Houellebecq (June) will be hosted by modern Georgian author Archil Kikodze in Tbilisi, Davit Gareja and Kazbegi.

Three honorable guest country projects are being conducted together with the Frankfurt Book Fair and will be attended by Jürgen Boss, President of Frankfurt Book Fair, to participate in both events.

The aim of the National Library of Georgia is to promote the role and significance of Georgian literature in the world literature and on the other hand, to enhance the Georgian, French and Norwegian literary and cultural relations.

Erlend Loe will visit Tbilisi on May 28, the writer will visit Georgian publishing house and will hold a meeting with the reader at the book store “Santa Esperanza” (Saint Petersburg N12). On May 31, Panel Discussion will be held with Erland Loe and Archil Kikodze, participated Frankfurt Book Fair President Jurgen Boss, Director of the Georgian National Book Center Medea Metreveli and Gvantsa Jobava, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Georgian Book Publishers and Books Association.

Michelle Welbeck will arrive in Georgia on June 23 with his French publisher. Within the frames of the visit he will hold a meeting with the reader at the Rustaveli Theater and at the second meeting he will discuss about  challenges, importance and role of Frankfurt Book Fair honorary guest with Archil Kikodze, Medea Metreveli and Jürgen Boss.