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Education: The Most in-Demand Service Worldwide, But Hardly an Adequate product in Georgia

Today, Georgia faces many challenges, but the educational field and related issues comprise some of the most serious. Going to school is the traditional way of getting an education, developing personal intelligence, building relationships with peers, acquiring interesting skills and preparing for adult life.

School education plays a significant role in personal development, as during these years a child develops both physically and intellectually.

In any country, but especially in Europe, parents prioritize the future education of their children from the beginning of their lives. This is a difficult period, as many cannot decide whether to take children to a private kindergarten or to a public one. In Georgia, this problem is related to the invaluable quality of education and the unreliability of schools and teachers.

It should be also noted that teachers face many problems, like overloaded classrooms, hygiene and food-related issues and the influence of outside tutors on the education and development of their students.

There are many reasons why we have this situation in Georgia, but I believe one reason is that teachers do not try to build on their earlier knowledge. Teachers should always strive for professional development and learn contemporary methods, because the current generation is more educated than previous generations, and they have different questions and ideas.

As a rule, studying abroad requires huge financial resources. Which is more expensive, a Georgian or a European education? Education is not cheap in Georgia either, but a foreign education is considered prestigious, and young Georgian men always give preference to European and American educations. I, as the PR manager for European School, spend much of my time paying attention to educational issues, both in Georgia and Europe. Indeed, I understand that good education in Georgia is expensive, but we should not dismiss expensive education. We should explore what the word “expensive” means: what bonuses are practiced, how adolescents will develop and grow and what kind of education they will receive in the future. Branded schools with expensive prices—this is not only a trend. This is the foundation on which the young generation should base their futures. To get a quality education, they should not have to leave the country and part with their families, since in Georgia children can receive good educations. The result of Georgian education will glorify the name of our country and ensure our children’s futures.

Irma Kacharava, PR Manager for European School