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Dolma Festival-Competition Held in Tbilisi

The “Dolma-2016” Armenian Dolma traditional festival competition took place in Tbilisi, Georgia on July 10.

The annual festival-competition was held for the 4th time in the in the Avlabari neighborhood, in the courtyard of the Armenian Holy Etchmiatsin Church. 45 various kinds of Dolma were presented at the festival, prepared by participants.

Participants included ordinary residents of Tbilisi, several public associations and six restaurants. The quality of the Dolma was reviewed by a special jury, which included culinary master chefs from Armenia.

The festival was organized by Georgia’s “Shushanik” Association of Armenian Women with the assistance of the head of the Armenian Apostolich Church’s Georgian diocese and the “Hayartun” center.

Source: ArmenPress