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DiveXFabrika to host Earth Hour Party

DiveXFabrika to host Earth Hour Party

Earth Hour is approaching, and as more and more people become conscious of the environment and its finite resources, a tradition has evolved.

On March 25, millions of people around the world are urged to go dark for one hour, by shutting-off their lights and all electrical appliances as a show of solidarity with the Earth. The company Tsre and Bikes.ge will be providing alternative energy during this hour.

In observance of this occasion, radio JAKO FM has partnered with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) by organizing a very interesting, music-filled event that will feature the performances of over 12 bands and musical artists.

On March 25, DivexFabrika will host Open-Mic Art, where the musical guests of past Open-Mic Art programs will come together on one stage and perform various songs. However, at 21:00, we will join the rest of the free world by powering-down the electricity and using alternative lighting for an hour.

Please join us for a night of music, booze and environmental activism!

The event’s media partners are Shokoladi FM and Marketer.

What: Open-Mic Art Earth Hour Party

Where: DivexFabrika

When: March 25, from 20:00- 23:00 hours (at 21:00 we will go dark)

Admission: Free

Musical line-up:

1.      The Killages

2.      Giorgi Laghidze

3.      Christine Restakyan

4.      Panic

5.      Luka Sharashenidze

6.      Lua

7.      Tsotne Gelovani

8.      Glow

9.      Nini Nutsubidze

10.     Outfront

11.     Dudey

12.     Dachi Babunashvili

13.     Dro ar gvakvs

About Open Mic Art:

Open Mic Art is one of many platforms JAKO FM utilizes and presents and promotes lesser-known musicians and artists locally and to the outside world. The program is concerned with the current news in the world of music, presenting events from an alternative perspective. Every weekend listeners receive comprehensive information about new and upcoming artists and musicians.

Both audio and visual content is created within the framework of the program, and JAKO FM enables the featured artists/musicians to record a song using the latest recording equipment, along with a high-quality video clip. All of this is done free-of-charge.