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David Songhulashvili: Tourists will Be Able to Travel from Batumi to Gurjaani by Train

Gurjaani possesses much potential and resources for development, to overcome unemployment and resolve the unemployment problem thanks to quick economic advancement.

This concept is one of the components of our election program. We have made accents on this direction during the whole election campaign by use of various instruments”, David Songhulashvili, majoritarian candidate of Georgian Dream from Gurjaani, noted.

“For example, 50 000 new job places will be created in 2017 by implementing various state programs. These programs are “Produce in Georgia”, “Host in Georgia”, “Plant the Future”, and so on. Moreover, scales of infrastructural projects is also growing. Consequently, in 2017 only these projects will create 40 000 new job places. One infrastructural space creates economic development ground that will ensure  steadiness of job places.

As to our region, Kakheti, naturally, agriculture sector development is our priority direction, as well as exports promotion. However, I would talk about tourism development perspectives in Kakheti Region. We consider the whole Region as a joint tourism space and we consider tourism development issues in complex way. We have already launched working in this respect and we have implemented many projects, but more will be done for the following 4 years.

I can name all those projects that will be implemented in tourism sector of Kakheti Region: Funicular construction on Tsivi Mountain in Telavi, Akhtala resort rehabilitation that will become a center for health recovery tourism. The International Wine Festival will be held in Gurjaani that will become of traditional character. We plan to restore Velistsikhe historical center that has the potential to become a new city museum.

It is also very important to develop household wine cellars, where exclusive wines will be stored for not only tourism purposes, but it will add new life stimulus to agriculture sector and finally, the networks of small hotels and guesthouses will be developed jointly with the wine route.

“As you know, Tbilisi-Bakurtsikhe-Lagodekhi highway will be constructed by 2018. Gurjaani bypass road will be constructed from Telavi to Bakurtsikhe, Tusheti road will be rehabilitated, Telavi  and Omalo airports will be restored and this is also very important for the tourism sector development.

Finally, all these projects will be crowned by rehabilitation of the Kakheti railway network. Our region will join the whole network and our citizens will be able to travel to Gurjaani from Batumi by train in several hours. State projects, agriculture and tourism sectors will create main sources of employment in Kakheti Region for the next 4 years”, David Songhulashvili said.