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David Lynch: We’re Going to Find a Peace in World very soon, and Georgia’s Gonna Play a Role in This

According to David Lynch, ‘’happiness lies within’’, although it was all around while his 4-day visit in Georgia. His visit was organized by David Lynch Foundation Caucasus, established by Giga Agladze, with following several missions.

A prominent film director, script writer, artist and musician founded the David Lynch Foundation (DLF) in 2005, which has brought the most effective technique for Self-development and stress-management, the  Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, to more than 600,000 children, women, veterans, prisoners, etc., all around the world, headquartered in NYC, main companies operate in USA, the UK, France and Ukraine.

Giga Agladze, a famous figure in Georgia and in the Caucasus as a musician, composer and director of documentary and feature films established David Lynch Foundation Caucasus in July 2017. David Lynch had a tour of the DLF Caucasus office premises and introduction of staff and supporters of DLF Caucasus.

David Lynch had a meeting at the Parliament of Georgia moderated by Mariam Jashi, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee of Education, Science and Culture. At the meeting topics were discussed, such as: experience of DLF programmes globally, ongoing reforms and internalization prospects of the Georgian Education and Science systems, including in Cinematography, overview of the Georgian Film making history, Prospects of joint collaboration of the Parliament, Government and DLF in the fields of education, science and culture.

Along with his visit, a film director was introduced Georgian traditions, wine and its making techniques, local cuisine and attended a special rehearsal consisting of Georgian polyphonic song and dance performance of Erisioni held for David and his delegation. After which, he shared his impressions:

I love Georgia, I love the people, so warm, intelligent, creative. I feel very good about what will happen here in Georgia with this new university for cinema and creative arts, and technique of transcendental meditation for individual saying goodbye to suffering and taking happiness.

In the framework of main mission, supporting health and social rehabilitation programs for the most in need population groups in Georgia, he met wounded warriors of the Tserovani premises of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia – war veterans working or under the treatment of the, presented rehabilitation for wounded warriors globally.

Meanwhile, locals got a chance to attend a public lecture on Transcendental Meditation and DLF work by Mr. David and Mr.Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation. Before their arrival of the DLF delegation, auditory of 500 people received further information about the topic and watched video of its introduction, lecture by Bob Roth. Q&A session was attended by students and youth, representatives of medical and social science societies.

A film director also greeted the audience gathered at Amirani Cinema, ”Mulholland Drive” screening.

Photo: Gia Gogatishvili

CBW had an interview with David Lynch, combining his creative life and Transcendental Meditation:

The characters of your films have very interesting journeys, while they feel ambiguous and sometimes even depersonalized. Do you think that if they practiced transcendental meditation, it would give us essentially different stories?

Obviously, all the characters are different, they all come from ideas, they interact one with another, they are the way they are, but if you introduce some technique, that allows them to dive within and experience this positive field, naturally they’re going to become different, they’re gonna be happier, more creative, more peace loving, more feel with love, energy which will change them. You would not have the same story!

We know how transcendental meditation helps people to overcome stress, heal post traumatic condition or simply vanish negative energy. How does it work with phobias, do you have any personal experience when you realized you could deal with some of your fear?

Many, many things. I’d say every human being has consciousness, but not everyone has the same amount. The human being has an infinite consciousness, that’s the potential of each one of us. We’ve lost contact with our inner treasury, and transcendental meditation re-establishes contact with that, in all positive way. People are fatigued these days, they’re not able to sleep well at night, they feel stressed, anxiety, tremendous fear going around the world. It’s a common sense, if they get this technique that opens a door to all positive within, things are gonna change for the good. I’ve had a lot of anger back then when I first started meditating, and within two weeks, that anger that I was taking out of my first wife, lifted away, without me even trying. Suddenly, all kinds of fear leaves you away, you start enjoying life, you start seeing a brighter, more beautiful world, people look better and better, they look more like friends than enemies, everything improves and negativity gently evaporates without you even trying. It’s beautiful!

Nina Gomarteli and David Lynch Photo: Gia Gogatishvili

David summed up his visit in Georgia with us:

We experienced intense love, it was incredible. It’s so powerful that, negativity doesn’t stand a chance anymore in this world. We’re going to find a peace in world very soon, and Georgia’s gonna play a role in this.

While his departure, on the question we asked, whether he’d be back in Georgia, he responds:

”I’d say, I’m here now, I haven’t even left, but I’m already thinking of coming back!’’

By Nina Gomarteli

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