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David Koma Took Cues from the Chokha,“Warrior Dress”.

Georgian designer David Koma was in a combative mood, as he took cues from the chokha, a centuries-old “warrior dress,” worn by Georgian men.

Deep V-lines, bare shoulders and sinuous silhouettes were at the forefront here. Koma embellished them with grosgrain ribbons, metal tubes and in lieu of real-life ammo, plexiglass ornaments, which imbued the dresses — as well as some slim-cut suits — with a distinctly graphic, almost futuristic aesthetic.

The warrior references were at loggerheads with a series of floral camouflage numbers done in metallic macramé and lace, which looked labor-intensive but did not offer any fresh visual input.

Where Koma surprised most, however, was in his daywear, an admittedly rare sighting at his evening-focused shows. Among the highlights were long, paneled military coats and austere leather minis done up with cozy Mongolian muff hemlines. They looked both chic and sassy.