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Cross-border partnerships between Azerbaijan and Georgia

On 29-30 March, six project teams from the Azerbaijan–Georgia Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation (EaP TC) Programme will gather in the Georgian capital Tbilisi for a training seminar on the methodology and practical aspects of successful project implementation.

The event is being organised by the EaP TC Support Programme to enhance the capacities of grant recipients over the course of project implementation.

The participants will refresh and improve their knowledge and gain new practical skills in the field of EaP TC grant project management, communication, PR and visibility, monitoring and reporting. The event will also serve as a platform for networking with partners and stakeholders, as well as for discussing the main challenges of the projects on both sides of the border.

The Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme’s goal is to promote sustainable cross-border cooperation between bordering regions of the Eastern Partner countries to develop joint solutions to common challenges in border areas between Moldova and Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and Belarus and Ukraine, with due regard to the specifics of each border area. It also aims to develop the capacity of state and non-state bodies of neighbouring countries to jointly develop and implement cross-border projects.