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Company IDS Borjomi Georgia to Plant 1000 Seedlings in Borjomi

Volunteers from all over Georgia will join the project “Borjomi #Naturelover “. It will take place in Borjomi on 26th of April, 2017 at 14.00.

With the initiative of IDS Borjomi Georgia, 1000 seedlings of oak, maple and pine-tree will be planted in Borjomi. The event aims to support restoring forests on the territory of Borjomi and many members of community are actively involved in the initiative.

In the campaign of planting seedling,  the minister of Environmental protection and natural resources, Gigla Agulashvili, the governor of Borjomi, Dimitri Kipiani, local government staff, journalists, famous people, students of Borjomi training centre and IDS Borjomi Georgia factory staff will be engaged.

On 26th of April, the campaign will be spread in social network as well and Facebook users will able to express their attitude to the nature virtually. In the frame of campaign #Naturelover, an application was created which will enable people to change their profile pictures and support nature protection and necessity of maintenance of forest.

The campaign has been planned and is implemented by IDS Borjomi Georgia in the frame of the project “Borjomi Supporter” which unites three main fields: Environment, education and sport.

  • Borjomi Forest Reforestation – Borjomi Nature lover
  • Trainign centre in Borjomi – Borjomi Future supporter
  • Basbetball, Rugby and Skiing federation sponsorship – Borjomi Sport Supporter

Contacts: Nitsa Cholokashvili – 591217711, Naniko Kuprashvili – 599770204