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Company IDS Borjomi Georgia Initiated Planting of 1000 Seedlings

Volunteers from all over Georgia joined the project “Borjomi #Naturelovers”. In the frame of the initiative of company IDS Borjomi Georgia, 1000 seedlings of oak, maple and pine-tree were planted. The event was organized to celebrate Earth Day and aimed to involve community members from different regions in the campaign of Borjomi plateau reforestation.

“We started reforestation process on this territory last year and now it is possible to see the results of our work. It is a very nice initiative that IDS Borjomi Georgia organized such an event which will help for the sustainable development for local territories. It is important that society is actively involved in the process and this event helped to engage many people in the campaign. 22 of April, Earth Day was announced as a week of activities for environmental protection. We hope that Georgian business will join our campaign and support it. We will always support these initiatives from our side and change the attitude towards this issue both from population and government”- declared the minister of Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, Gigla Agulashvili.

“Borjomi” Corporative Social Responsibility projects include three basic fields: Environmental protection, education and sport. With the aim of Borjomi reforestation, we have been implementing a lot of campaigns of planting seedlings in accordance with Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection. This year, the minister himself joined the campaign as well as volunteers from different regions of the country and our staff with Borjomi Training Center students. We do the job all together to preserve a healthy environment for future generations”- noted general director of IDS Borjomi Georgia, Zaza Kikvadze.

The campaign had a positive feedback from social network. Many facebook users changed their profile with a #Naturelover application to support the campaign in the social network.