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Photo: Vladimer Valishvili/UNDP

Climate Change and Biodiversity in Focus of the Media and Academics

More than 80 representatives of academic sector and the media took part in a series of workshops which aimed to promote the UN Conventions on Biodiversity, Desertification and Climate Change, and support their implementation in Georgia.  

The workshops were organised by the non-governmental organization Georgia’s Environmental Outlook (GEO) with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Global Environment Facility (GEF), un cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and natural Resources Protection of Georgia, and Global Environment Facility.

UN Conventions on Biodiversity, Desertification and Climate Change are among the first international treaties ratified by the Parliament of Georgia. To implement the convention requirements a number of legal and policy measures have already been implemented at national level since then. However, raising the level of understanding of the conventions and roles of different key stakeholders still need further efforts and support. Illustrating the linkages between these three conventions as well as practical benefits the implementation of the Conventions may bring to the country and society is needed.

In this context the role of academic sector is crucial. Academia may play a significant role in the whole process not only through the need-tailored scientific researches and analysis but also through promulgating the knowledge to students.

Moreover, the role of media is also extremely important, as they are key in reporting and covering broader audience.

The project aims to raise awareness on the above mentioned three Conventions, their requirements, the status where Georgia stands in terms of their implementation, international trends, implementation related challenges and  opportunities among the academic sector and media representatives throughout Georgia. It also aims to develop their capacities in terms of applying the acquainted knowledge in their professional work, establish a social network and open the door for their more active involvement in the policy making process in relation with these three Conventions.

Contact information
Inga Nikagosian, Georgia’s Environmental Outlook (GEO), +995 577 293979, [email protected]