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Cirkopolis: Cirque Éloize Comes To Tbilisi

Event Start Date: 17 Sep, 2018 - Event End Date: 18 Sep, 2018

With Cirkopolis, Cirque Éloize takes their breathtaking blend of circus arts, theater, and dance to a highly-stylized metropolis setting, where twelve acrobats and multidisciplinary artists rebel against monotony, reinvent themselves and challenge the limits of the factory-city as only they can.

Cirque Éloize will perform at Tbilisi International theater festival on 17,18 of September.

Cirkopolis was imagined as a crossroads—between imagination and reality, between individuality and community, between limits and possibilities. Entering Cirkopolis is all about letting go and allowing yourself to be borne aloft by hope͟, explains Cirque Éloize Cirkopolis. Artistic Director and Co-Director Jeannot Painchaud.

About theatre

A driving force in the circus art reinvention movement, Cirque Éloize has been creating award-winning entertainment content for 25 years and ranks among the world’s leading contemporary circuses.

Cirque Éloize has taken part in numerous prestigious international festivals and has seduced both New York’s Broadway and London’s West End. Its productions are crafted for a wide range of audiences and have been embraced by over fifty cultures.

In the last 25 years, Cirque Éloize’s eleven shows have proudly boasted more than 5,500 performances in over 550 cities and have been seen by over 3,5 million spectators.

There are much bigger shows than “Cirkopolis,” 90 minutes of circus-theater by the Cirque Éloize troupe of Montreal. But I’d bet there aren’t more beautiful ones. This wonderful work often errs on the side of simplicity, and that makes even its smaller moments quite stunning.