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Being chosen by the Cannes Festival is a big victory for Georgia

On 17th and 19th of October, there was a 64th gathering of representatives of Cannes creative festival in London. The aim of the meeting is to invite all the representatives in the world to evaluate the whole year and discuss the strategy for the upcoming year.

2016 was very successful year for Georgia.  The festival judges recognized a Georgian project as the best one in the world.  Official representatives of the festival: Levan Lepsevidze and Ako Akhalaia will talk about what exactly this victory means.


“It’s been 64 years since the Cannes festival is held annually.  The biggest award that the participant company can get at the festival is The Cannes Lions.  Nowadays, it’s the most prestigious festival for creative industries in the world.  We had to work a lot to prepare for the festival and our hard work has been appreciated in the end with the award which we received at the festival.”

Developed countries have 10 years of experience of participating in the festival together with the support from different organizations in their countries.  This was different for Georgia. However, it has to be noted that the role of GITA was very important in terms of supporting our project.  The victory at the Cannes Festival was a great honor, but except that our success helped us get some more benefits:

  • Now, we can send two groups to Eurobest
  • We maintained 4 categories on the Cannes Festival and added FILM category which is the most popular category in the world.
  • They will discuss to invite Georgian speakers for a speech at the Cannes Festival.
  • We have places for Georgian judges at the festival. Therefore, we can send them professionals at the Cannes Festival.
  • Some of the countries expressed their wish to organize exchange programs for Georgian Students to see agencies in different countries and see how they work to get experience. On the local level, Georgian agencies will host professionals who will share their experiences with with us.

Except the happiness which we this victory brought for us, It is a big responsibility as well, because now the whole world is observing us. According to Philip Thomas, there has never been a country on the festival, which entered the competition so actively and memorably.  Therefore, by 2017 we will do our best to maintain the performance, but for that we will need the support.