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Check in Georgia Program is the Government’s Investment in Tourism

Commersant.ge had an interview with Mikheil Giorgadze,  Minister of Culture of Georgia

What projects are planned in the framework of the program Check in Georgia? How expensive are they?

While I will not name specific figures, but I can say that the actual fees for leading stars of the scene appeared to be much lower than the information we have received from social networks. Now we are talking about the performances of four stars – Eros Ramazzotti, Robbie Williams, Maroon 5, and Jose Carreras, but Check in Georgia project  is wider than these four concerts.

The project brings together all traditional musical events that take place in Georgia, and now they are financed from the budget. More than 150 concerts are planned to be held across  the country. In addition,  we’ll offer unprecedented  service for the Georgian performers – a modern concert hall  which they will be able to use  and to leave themselves the entire earned income  .

“Hit Batumi” festival will be also held in the country and will last for 3 months.

That is, 29 million are not allocated  only for 4 concerts?

Of course not. In addition to music festivals, mass events will be held dedicated to wine, cheese, honey and other products. Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection are actively involved in the project. We are also actively working with travel agencies.

In short, it is quite unprecedented project by  duration and scale.

Many dissatisfaction is expressed to “Eastern Promotion” company the founder of which you are. Is it true that it almost monopolized the project?

I can say with full responsibility that “Eastern Promotion” is not involved in the preparation of anyconcert. The company organizes only the traditional jazz festival, for many years.

Are there any  numbers – what will  the country receive  from this project as a whole?

Check in Georgia  is not just someone’s imagination, and we did not start it in the hope of a lucky break. For example,  GEL 3 million were allocated for ” Hit Batumi” project which was held last year  while  the income amounted to 54 million. Accordingly, we expect the performance of the international  stars in Georgia will attract international attention

Apart from that,  when the stars of this level come into the country, the issue of stability and security comes to the fore. Their arrival in Georgia would be an excellent signal to potential tourists and investors that Georgia  is  a safety and stable  country which has  sufficient infrastructure and human resources to carry out such large-scale shows.

We also intend to work closely with the private sector in order sponsorship packages to be  able to reduce budget expenditures. I am sure that Check in Georgia will have a huge effect, and we expect that the project will be traditional.

In fact, it is the government’s  investment in tourism.

When will the sale of tickets start  and who is responsible for it?

Ramazzotti concert tickets are already on sale, the sale of Robbie Williams tickets will begin  on April 15and for  Maroon 5- from May  25.

As for Jose Carreras, his concert in the central square of Kutaisi will be free.