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CCIFG-French Georgian Chamber of Commerce Reports on 2017 Activity

The CCIFG Board Meeting was held on Thursday, December 21, at the Rooms Hotel to summarize 2017 year.

In order to celebrate the end of the year holidays and to spend time in a friendly environment, the members and partners of CCIFG gathered around a cocktail party. It was an opportunity to share professional experiences and to have a good time before saying goodbye.

Antoine Bardon, Director of the famous Security Company “AA4 Security” was the Master of this event. “I am the President of the Chamber for already more than 12 years and I am very proud of my achievements” said Antoine Bardon. Adding that “Under my patronage, the Chamber has reached a total of 33 members, Companies as famous as National Geographic, Carrefour, Holidays Inn, Best Western, EDF and many others”.

This year the Chamber was very active and organized 4 events. The activity began in May with a Meeting with Deputy Minister of Agriculture. In June, CCIFG was attending the Global General Assembly in Paris. A cocktail together with DWV occurred in September and a meeting with M. Yon-Courtin, a French Competition lawyer has closed the year in October.

“Next year will be important for the Chamber” commented before Irina Sak, one of the most important Board Member of the Chamber. “I am not sure that our Organization can really compete with others Foreign Chambers in Georgia like ICC and EBA, they are very active, professional and fast growing” but adding “I hope that the situation will change quickly and we will gain influence and members again”.

In any case, “We will work closer with our colleagues in Russia, this should be our new strategy for 2018” noted Dominik Ivanovitch Bayvet, one of the Board Member that has many connections in Russia.