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cheese festival
Photo by photographer, Ketevan Adeishvili

Caucasus Cheese Festival 2015 Took Place in Tbilisi

Tbilisi hosted the annual Cheese Festival on October 10-11. The event was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Guild of Cheese Producers in Georgia.

In Georgia the cheese production reveals to be as ancient as the culture of wine production. Activities such as festivals and competitions serve for the popularization of the Georgian cheese and for regenerating lost cheese varieties that were unknown for centuries.

Agriculture Minister Otar Danelia said at the opening of the Festival that Georgian cheese has centuries of history. “Georgian cheese is unique. It’s unique by taste and production technology as well.”

This year’s theme of the Festival was Caucasus Cheese. Every region of the Caucasus presented their cheeses. In total 60 varieties of cheese, such as Dambal-Khacho, Mutschli, Guda, Chechyl, Chlechyl, Chogi, Tenili, Narchvi, Lagujishi, Sulguni, Berkeizi, Shushvela, wine and honey cheese, rolls and others were displayed.

Within the framework of the Festival, cheese producers from Azerbaijan and Armenia presented their cheeses.

Apart from cheese, wine and vegetable tasting took place. The Festival hosted a small gallery in which ancient cheese artifacts were displayed.