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Caucasian Region is an Important Part of Partnership Between the East and the West

The IV Global Baku Forum is a very important event, said President Giorgi Margvelashvili in Baku. He made the remarks addressing the IV Global Baku Forum.

“I strongly believe that the values and the issues that we discuss here should be discussed exactly in the spirit of great poets, like Nizami Ganjavi,” said Margvelashvili. “This is the spirit and the environment that we have to establish, and we have to improve and have to increase in our countries and the world around us.”

He further said that Georgia plays a very responsible role when it comes to global security and the war against terrorism.

“We are very active in Afghanistan, our missions and militaries are active in the Central African Republic, because we believe that sharing the responsibility and building the spirit of partnership is something that brings us to a better future,” he added.

Margvelashvili also said that establishing partnerships contributes to building projects, such as the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, the TAP and TANAP projects.

“With this forum, I think, we will have an opportunity to speak about the solution that we can find in the region,” said the president. “We will have an opportunity to speak about the solutions that are bringing new opportunities and building especially our region, the Caucasian region, as a very important part of partnership between the East and the West.”

Such topics as international security, regional threats, serious consequences of global economic challenges, climate change and energy policy: role of oil-producing countries, multiculturalism, interreligious dialogue and mutual integration will be discussed during the two-day event.

Giorgi Margvelashvili

The conflicts on ethnic, religious and political grounds, global challenges in the democratic development, education, and environment will also be the topics of the forum.

Heads of states and governments will participate and deliver speeches in the opening of session “Global Challenges of Modern World”.