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‘Catch a Georgian Prodigy’ — Irish media about Beka Gochiashvili

“Beka Gochiashvili is not an easy name for Anglophones to pronounce, but it looks as though we’ll have to memorise it,” — writes Grain Farren of Dublin-based Irish Independent, Irland’s largest selling daily newspaper.

Beka has long been the pride of Georgian music world, having gone to world’s most prestigious music school Julliard at the age of 15.

“When he was 13 he won first prize in the Bösendorfer Solo Jazz Piano competition at Montreux. Three years later, he played alongside Chick Corea at the Tbilisi Jazz Festival,” — writes Independent.

Having graduated from Julliard last year Beka lives in the U.S. and plays with the Stanley Clarke Band. His jazz improvisations can be seen at such venues as the prominent Blue Note club in Manhattan.

This week Beka and his colleagues Marty Jaffe, bass, and Jimmy McBride, drums, are scheduled to perform in a Dublin venue this Friday, March 27th.

Beka is known for wondrous accomplishments, especially for his age. Today he is continuing his professional endeavors, presenting Georgia to the global jazz scene.