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Capital Letter of Mkhedruli Alphabet Added to Unicode 11.0.0

Unicode 11.0.0 was officially published, which, along with a lot of updates, comprises capital letters of modern Georgian alphabet.

According to new standards, 7 new alphabets were added to Unicode, as well as 66 emojis, and uppercase Georgian letters – 46 capital letters of Georgian Mkhedruli Alphabet.

This signifies that Georgian capital letters will be applicable on any platform, not only in documents, books and posters, but also in emailes, sms messages, social networks and so on. 

Changes in the standard results in changes in its implementation, correspondingly, operational systems such as Google, Apple, Microsoft should update keyboard driver to make typing capital letters possible.

When we will be able to apply Capital Letters? 

It took one year to embody the symbol of GEL into Unicode, and we expect that the same time will be required to embody our capital letters in Unicode. However, before, we have anbani.ge, which enables to convert text into Capital Letters.

A special group of Akaki Razmadze, Michael Everson and Nika Gujejani, with the consultation of Besarion Gugushvili conducted negotiations on integration of 46 Georgian capital letters into Unicode standard.

We remind you that on May 10, 2017 Unicode technical committee approved Georgian side’s offer on integration of 46 capital letters of Georgian Mkhedruli alphabet into Unicode.