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Canvas by Quilt Technique – Georgian Artist’s Works Exhibited in France!

Quilting is an ancient technique for creating big composition canvases with small pieces for the interior decor. Previously, poor families used to use various small pieces of fabrics for quilting, but today Quilting has become one of the popular directions in Europe and the USA.

We have also Georgian examples of using this technique, however, today the interest and perception of this technique is insignificant in our country.

Nino Chkhaidze, textile designer and founder of Nineli clothing brand, has been working on interior decorative accessories since 2009. This year she exposed her works to the Carrefour Européen du Patchwork Festival in France, where Georgia was represented among 36 countries.

The Marketer.ge has interviewed Nino Chkhaidze about the development dynamics of the self-educated artist, challenges and perspectives.

How was you interested in Quilting technique and how have you learned this technique? 

-I used to go University of Theater, the faculty of clothing design. At the last course, when I was working on my diploma thesis, I learned about this technique, thanks to my lecture. This technique inspired me and I continued working in this direction. Quilting is not popular field in Georgia, while in Europe and the USA it is very popular and in-demand direction. Then, I started examining the foreign mares, because I think Georgian culture in Quilting direction has much potential on foreign market. I started working on myself and mastered Quilting technique.

In 2009 I started learning this technique and in 2010 I already held exhibitions abroad. First one was held in France. I attended the Georgian House opening ceremony in 2010, exposed my several works and many visitors showed interest in my works. In 2015 I set up my project to explore foreign market, its tendencies, the level of involvement to learn how we could develop this field in Georgia. Foreign specialists showed much interest in my works, while a major part of them had not even heard about Georgia. They invited me to the 2017 festival, where I exposed Georgia, as an independent country in terms of Quilting works.

How would you describe the festival, what is its importance?

-This is annual international festival that was held for the 23rd time. The place of the Festival is small, a tourism town in France, in Alsace Region. This year 36 countries were represented at the Festival, including Georgia was represented with my works. These places are interesting and attractive in terms of tourism.
-What reaction did you have at the Festival?

-They found Georgian Quilting style very interesting. I follow Georgian style and my self-education plays a certain role in achieving innovative and fascinating style. In general, elder people are occupied by this trade. They liked different style and images very much, as well as views of Georgia and ornaments which are represented in more beautiful forms thanks to this technique.

They want us to expose our works in the next project too. We have received proposals from various countries. I plan to visit the USA, Switzerland. I have invitation from Tokyo. I gave interviews to French magazines. One of the important magazines will be issued in December with a small article about Georgia and me.

 Besides international offers, which directions do you plan to develop and will your activities popularize Quilting technique in Georgia?

– There were sponsor companies at the Festival, including sewing machines brand of Bernina. I have received serious offers from the mentioned company. I have invitations to Swiss and American Festivals. Moreover, I was invited to one of the trainings in France, as a speaker and experienced master of Quilting technique. Previously, my key objective was to introduce Georgian products onto international markets. Today, there is small demand for Quilting field, and I would like to invite international masters and plan certain events here to outline how important this field is abroad. I believe thanks to these efforts Georgia will become a very active direction in this field.