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Canterbury to Dress Georgian Rugby Team

National Rugby Team of Georgia has a new uniform. Canterbury, a sport outfit manufacturer, will dress players of national rugby team of Georgia.

Presentation of the new clothing will be held at Radisson BLU Iveria hotel at 18 o’clock on February 1. It is worth noting that by support of TBC Bank, Rugby Union and national team general sponsor, Georgian rugby official online store will also open – www.rugbystore.ge

Canterbury  is a UK-based sports clothing company that focuses mainly on rugby football. The company is named after the Canterbury region in New Zealand where the company started to make knitwear. Other than producing rugby kits, the brand is also known for their rugby protective wear such as headgear and pads, and rugby boots. The company also manufactures and markets lifestyle clothing.

The brand’s tagline is “Committed To The Game”. Its logo is the silhouettes of three birds (Kiwi) on three solid circular backgrounds creating the letters CCC; the initials of the Canterbury Clothing Company.