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Candoco – British Inclusive Dance Company Returns to Tbilisi

April 18-20 British Council in partnership with the Tbilisi Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre is organizing the second series of a three-day inclusive dance workshop led by the internationally acclaimed Candoco Dance Company from the UK.

The first Dance Lab was held in the fall October-November, 2017.

Dance Labs are the part of British Council’s ‘Culture&Development: Unlimited’ programme with The Marjanishvili Theatre as the programme partner in Georgia. The aim of the programme is to promote and develop inclusive arts by sharing the UK experience in involving people with disabilities in the arts and in supporting the creation of the accessible environment for them. Jemima Hoadley and Welly O’Brien, Candoco dancers, will share their expertise with the disabled and non-disabled participants of the Dance Lab to take the unique opportunity to interact, take risks, experiment, test new ideas and share practice.

Ketevan Zazanashvili, a professional dancer, who has been supported by British Council Georgia in her continued professional development again will assist the British trainers in the planning and delivery of the Lab.

Keti was sent to the Stopgap for the secondment, UK inclusive dance company last September and was able to share her knowledge and experiences with the participants of international conferences in Kiev and Manchester.

British Council is proud of Keti’s latest achievement – the first ever Georgian inclusive show premiered on 14 April. As Keti stated in her comments and posts the establishment of the inclusive dance company and creation of the first performance was made possible thanks to the knowledge and experience she gained through the British Council’s Culture&Development: Unlimited programme. Training sessions by the UK inclusive dance company organized by the British Council will help the newly established Georgian inclusive dance company as well as all disabled and non-disabled participants to meet, establish new relationships and plan new cooperation.