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Campaign to Restore Borjomi Forest Prolongs

On August 8, at 20:00, a summary of Aghadgine (restore) campaign was held in the yard of the Georgian National Museum. The attendees were introduced a report of the work and planted trees within project.

Representatives of the companies who contributed to the restoration of the burning forest of Borjomi attended the event. Participant companies have been awarded with a certificate of appreciation for their contribution.

About 150 companies and over 5,000 individuals participated in the campaign. At this stage, 45,263 trees were planted within project. Aghadgine is organized by BIA and is implemented with the technological provision of the Startup treepex.

According to statement, campaign Aghadgine will last until 15 September.

“The main goal has been achieved, we showed many companies and people the ecological problems in the forest of Borjomi and that we have social and civic responsibility. It turned out that a large part of Georgian companies are taking care of nature and ecology. In addition, the campaign has a very good response from the public. This is why we have decided to prolong the campaign for  a month, to get even more trees planted,”said Salome Kukava, deputy director of the company BIA .

Campaign took a start on April 25. Autumn plants will resume in the Borjomi forest area in September.

Aghadgine aims to restore 250 hectares of forest cover destroyed in  2008 by a fire.

Anyone can plant a tree on following website- Aghadgine