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British Center Launches Online Translation Service

The British Center in Tbilisi introduced a new online dictionary a month ago. The software works in a test regime.

Dako Lomidze, marketing and PR director of British Center talked with Marketer:

“The British Center has been popularizing English language studies in Georgia for 15 years. We develop our programs constantly and offer complex services in the English language. Our objective is that the British Center provide any services that interested bodies may have concerning the English Language.

We launched the dictionary in test regime a month ago and the reaction was positive. A lot of components should be still improved. We wanted to involve the users in the software development process and take into account their remarks, demands and recommendations.

At this stage, only the English to Georgian translation function operates. The Georgian to English translation component will be added soon. Moreover, databases are improved constantly. After the website becomes valuable, we plan to introduce a mobile application too. As to the website design, the fact is that many persons find it boring to work with a dictionary. Therefore, we have tried to replace this stereotype conceptually with a slogan: Look at the most boring text in bright colors”.