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How To Bring Your Friends A Present From Georgia And Not To Bore Them

In the last couple of years the words “local” and “authentic” became really viral among any kind of travelers. Avoiding tourist traps, finding own paths and making friends with the natives is getting as normal as booking all-inclusive tours 7-10 years ago.

Same about souvenirs and presents. In my opinion, buying magnets or t-shirts with “I love this and that” is something too trivial. Even famous Georgian wine and sausage-like sweet churchkhela made of walnuts and thick grape juice is becoming mainstream… So I decided to make a list of really cool presents one can bring from our little Caucasian republic.

Tablecloths with traditional Georgian ornaments


Different size, old patterns, usually blue-and-white – those tablecloths are both unique and useful, especially for people who love their homes and want to make it look really multicultural.



Minankari is the traditional Georgian enamel. These jewelry items are always handmade: the artists paint the thin lines first, then fill them in with the first layer of enamel, then bake it in the oven and put the second layer on.
These accessories are very bright and very Georgian.

Painted stones with Tbilisi views and traditional ornaments


The ancient letters looked like stones with the letters carved on their surface. Get a message from Tbilisi for you! Some artists paint really wonderful pictures at the pebble. One of the most prominent authors working in this technique is Mari Chkhartishvili.

Knitted socks, bebia-style


You can say that every country has such things. But warm knitted socks made by the hands of Georgian bebia (almost the same as babushka) will really warm you up in the cold times!

AlterSocks with khinkali


Dumbledore would definitely want a pair of socks with khinkali! Featuring national dishes as khachapuri and khinkali, AlterSocks is a funny alternative to the socks from bebia.

Black tea from Guria


Western Georgian regions Guria and Ajara have their own tea plantations. I would recommend to buy the tea in specialized shops, as the big chains of supermarkets sometimes sell the faked one.

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