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Bloomberg Names Pheasant’s Tears Rkatsiteli Among The 50 Best Wines Under $50

Elin McCoy Bloomberg‘s freelancer writer gathers world’s best wines which cost under $50. She has tasted all of the wines including Georgian Pheasant’s Tears Rkatsiteli and says the wine delivers plenty of value for the price.

Whether you need red, white, or sparkling, critic Elin McCoy has a bottle for you on this list of the best reasonably priced wines she tasted this year

“Fermented on grape skins like a red, this delicious apricot-y white from the Republic of Georgia is an “orange” wine aged in clay amphoras”, writes Elin McCoy.

A proper orange wine and a classic for any who are curious to try this oxidative, unique style. Rkatsiteli was fermented and aged in qvevri, or clay amphorae, for six months. The slow intake of oxygen makes this wine distinctly not gold, not brilliant, but appetizing. Aromas of raw honey, walnuts, and lightly dried apricots merge with a tannic palate. This wine comes from the Bodbiskhevi vineyard in Kakheti, Causcaus, Georgia.

Some writers suggest that Rkatsiteli was the first vine planted by Noah after the flood. Some others say that Rkatsiteli seeds have been found in clay vessels dating back to 3000 BC. This is a traditional style of Georgian white wine. It has been vinified on the skins in clay amphorae called ‘quevri.’ Pheasant Tears is amber in color with aromas and flavors of apple skin, apricot, peach, nectarine, and dried sultana, and is well-balanced by Rkatsiteli’s lively acidity. ‘Khachapuri’ bread with ‘Sulguni’ cheese and garlic chicken with herbs in the best Georgian style will match this fine wine with almost mathematic precision.